The Baseball Road Trip Planner for 2015

Have you ever wanted to plan a baseball road trip and travel to several major or minor league baseball stadiums? If you have, you probably found it difficult to find all of the schedules. And even after you had them you had to find all of the home dates and lay them all out so that you could find a range of dates which would allow you to visit them in the right order. The goal of this site is to make it simple to plan a baseball road trip.
Pick your teams, how many days you would like to spend from the first to last park , starting and ending dates. Then click 'Plan Your Trip'.
Update 2/3/2015 -- Schedules updated. Many start times udpated.How about some roadtrip stats  Contact us at [email protected]
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Note: Leave days off at 0 if you would like to see teams on consecutive days.
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